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Fully featured app presentation website template your ipad app

This is a fully responsive, bootstrap based awesome and minimal app showcase template for ipad. This template can be also used for iPhone app website by changing the header graphic. This template includes slider, video, etc.. inside the ipad preview. This template can be modified easily with our detailed documentation.


This app is sweet and delicious

Here you can write your app鈥檚 first feature like this app is made with love. You will get lot of delicous things from this app

Intutive Design

This app has got an intutive design

This app is really made for you. simple and elegant design with attractive icons and images will get you more business and pesonal attachment

Hey, I have just released AppDownload - Template on Web3Canvas. You can download it here http://bit.ly/ioQpaq via@web3canvas

The best app template for iPad

Fully featured app presentation website template your ipad app


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